It's time to follow through like you never have before?

Get Healthy doesn't suck

Have you been talking about doing something about your health for a while?

Maybe you want to drop a few pounds? Balance your hormones? Manage stress better? Get better sleep? Eat healthier? Move your body more? Simplify your life so you can enjoy it more? Get your sexy back?

Group health coaching program helping you get healthy with friends
Jillian Bowman - Registered Health Coach - Find out more about Jillian's story here

I’ve been there. I know sometimes it feels like everyone else is doing better than you are, but the truth is most people are exactly where you are right now. You want to be healthy but life, and your own excuses/reasons just seem to get in the way every time to try to change your lifestyle. Do any of these sound familiar?

  • Work is too crazy.
  • Kids are too picky.
  • Family schedule is too busy.
  • You can't afford the gear & gym memberships
  • You need a coach to keep you motivated but you can't afford one
  • You fear healthy will mean taking away the few joys you have left
  • You are too damn tired.

The truth is, most people are too drained, tired and grumpy to add new health habits to their lives. And most people have tried and failed so many times they are suspicious of programs, and they doubt their own ability to stick to it and follow through. 

You're not alone, so stop thinking you have to endure this battle all by yourself. I'm here to help, and I can't wait to help you impress the heck out of yourself.

You know making a sustainable lifestyle change takes motivation. It takes patience. It takes the perfect system, accountability and support. It has to be realistic, affordable and FUN with just enough tough love to push you through those stubborn barriers that have kept you stuck for so long. You also know that you don't want some crazed robot-woman yelling at you to push yourself harder (heck just getting this far into reading this page is already pushing yourself harder than you did yesterday).

I get it. You have a life, a job, a family, and your energy levels are obsolete. You need a real person, to give you real strategies, real support, and real understanding of your unique health and life circumstances. Someone who will meet you where you are at right now, take the time to understand your health and life goals, and set you up for inevitable success.

What you haven't known is where to find that one perfect program.

Here's The Best News Ever!!! 

Your search for the perfect group health program is finally over!  I am so excited to announce that my signature 90-Day Mindset and Action Transformational Health Coaching program is now available in an online group coaching format.


The Epicured Mindset & Action Transformational Group Health Coaching program. You know this program is the right fit for you if...

  • You want to figure out once and for all what has been getting in the way of you having the health, body, energy and life you want.
  • You want to incorporate lifestyle changes into your busy schedule.
  • You want to achieve your health goals without having to buy products or join a gym.
  • You want a proven step-by-step system to follow.
  • You want all the digital and online support tools AND a real live person to guide you through the system and help you get through your real live fears and challenges.
  • You want practical solutions to overcoming the life challenges that have always tripped you up when trying to make diet and lifestyle changes.
  • You want easy, family friendly, meal plans, recipes, grocery shopping lists and meal prep strategies.
  • You want to be held accountable to achieving your health and life goals without getting yelled at if you “get caught being human”.
  • You want to be connected to other people who are going through the same challenges as you. You want to support them and be supported by them.

Does all that sound like too much to ask of a 90-Day program?

We don’t think so.

The Mindset & Action Transformational (M&AT) group health coaching program is a brand new, small group, live and online approach to coaching that will have you:

  • Unlocking what’s been holding you back from achieving your health goals in the past!
  • Creating and eating healthy, fresh and delicious food!
  • Moving your body with specific intent every single day!
  • Sharing your journey with like-minded people with similar goals!
  • Learning not only how to achieve your health goals but how to sustain them for life!

"Thank you very much for getting us on track and showing me it's ok to fall off plan, laugh and get right back on, instead of falling down, crashing and throwing in the towel. Running a house of 5 will always be chaotic, but the strategies you gave me have helped streamline meals to make sure we all get nourished with great food and more quality family time." ~ Donna

"As a busy full-time working mom with very active kids, I had every excuse in the book for why I couldn't get in shape. I've tried all kinds of health approaches before, but THIS ONE REALLY WORKS! I lost real weight in the first 2 weeks and best of all I developed the right mindset and learned the right actions to stick with this healthy lifestyle forever." ~ Lesia

"Jillian's endless energy and ability to breakdown insurmountable goals into small, easy steps ensures your health and life goals are easily attainable.  The fundamentals of physical and mental health: diet, exercise and relationships are key parts of her plan. It’s the small changes she taught me to make that really made a difference in my life. Thank you!" ~ Lynda

I can't wait to watch you impress the heck out of yourself.  Clients have seen incredible results in just 12 weeks and now you can too, and at a fraction of the cost of my private health coaching program.

Not only will group health coaching clients receive all the same program content as my private clients, they have the incredibly powerful added bonus of having super supportive group members, clients and program alumni at their digital fingertips. I know you’ll see the value, and better yet feel the amazing results

Take a look at what's included:

  • Twelve 60-minute weekly LIVE online video group coaching sessions (recordings made available after the session for personal review).
  • Two 30 minute one-to-one breakthrough session with me either before, during or after the program.
  • Meal plans, shopping lists, and recipes tailored to your specific needs
  • Exclusive access to an app loaded with your personal and specific protocol and coaching program.
  • Weekly health data review and recommendations report provided by your health coach.
  • Weekly workbook downloads and program materials.
  • Fitness plans and movement menus targeting your specific health goals and needs.
  • Lifetime access to a closed Facebook Group where you can connect with coaches, group members and alumni for support and cheerleading.

Wait there's more!

small group health coaching
recorded group health coaching sessions
Get extra help with group health coaching programs
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We keep coaching groups small so we can really get to know and support each other.


Miss a session or want to replay an important bit? No problem! Session recordings are available within 24 hrs!


Got a question? Reach out to me directly during office hours or join weekly Facebook Live Q&As sessions.


Once you reach your first goal, you might want to set a new one. You can renew at the introductory price.

Get healthy - Health Coaching App

We've made it even easier for you to...

  • set your goals

  • follow your personalized plan

  • track your progress

  • reference your course materials, weekly action steps, and re-watch session recordings

  • get personalized weekly progress reviews from your coach.

A $150 value, incl. with introductory pricing.

Are you ready to follow through like you never have before?

There's no reason to put it off any longer. Select the session that fits your schedule and secure your spot while space is available.  Sessions begin week of January 8, 2018

Do you believe in yourself as much as I do? Let's find out!

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January sessions begin week of January 8, 2018.  Registration closes 12 hours prior to the first scheduled session.