Declan’s Annual BIRTHDAY PhilanthroParty

Event Phone: 647-262-1639

  • June 25, 2017
    3:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Quintessential Childhood Fun!

Water fights, Manhunt, Capture the Flag, Hot Dogs, Freezies, and whatever mischief they happen to get themselves into.

This year will be Declan’s 5th Annual End of School, Summer Kick Off PhilanthroParty (and his 9th birthday celebration) This shindig is on Sunday, June 25th, 3:00pm until around 7:00pm (ish) at the Oakville Crusaders Rugby Club.

NO GIFTS PLEASE!  As always, Declan collects money instead of presents for his birthday so he can help save an endangered species. This year Declan would like to direct the proceeds from this party to local conservation initiatives in an effort to help SAVE THE BEES!!!

More information about exactly where funds are going, and why bees are so important to protect, will be available at the party.

Parents, siblings, and extended friends and family are welcome to purchase tickets and attend as well!  The more the merrier!


If you have any trouble registering or purchasing tickets please contact

Jillian Bowman by text at 647-262-1639 or email at 

ALSO make sure to join our event Facebook Group to get all the updates and share party pics. 



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