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Diets SUCK! They are really hard to stick to, they are limiting, overwhelming, and they DON’T EVEN WORK. There, I said it out loud… and before “they” come and take away my health coaching credentials I’ll explain what I mean…

There are 5 reasons (most) diets fail:

According to Dr. Mark Hyman, functional medicine doctor, Director of the Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine and New York Times bestselling author of “Ultrametabolism”, and many other awesome reads, most diets predictably fail because of 5 reasons…

  1. You try to exercise your willpower to control your appetite instead of understanding there is a science behind hunger
  2. Your focus is too much on counting calories and following rules
  3. Your diet consists of all low-fat foods
  4. Your weight is actually affected by hidden reasons that require medical attention
  5. You lack a solid health and weight loss plan to guide you on your journey

Dr Hyman also says that when the average dieter loses weight, they lose muscle AND fat. But once they regain the weight, they gain back only the fat… which will ultimately slow down your metabolism.

Boooo! That’s not what we want, but how can we achieve our health goals without dieting?

Here are the only 5 food facts you need to know to get you into, and keep you in, peak health without dieting:

  1. Eat enough whole fresh macronutrient dense foods to satisfy your appetite. You will feel less hungry and you body will be more balanced because it’s fully nourished.
  2. Eat protein for breakfast to boost your energy for the day
  3. Eat your last meal three hours before bedtime to give your system time to digest before sleep
  4. Make low-glycemic foods your diet staple such as nuts, seeds, clean lean meats and plant proteins so your blood sugar stays level
  5. Eat good fats at every meal such as avocado, nuts, seeds and olive oil (healthy fats are your friend, not your enemy)
Now wait a minute… that sounds an awful lot like a diet, and I just started this blog by telling you diets don’t work. So which is it? Diet or no diet?

Well, it’s actually both. The trick is to make all the right healthy choices for your body, without having to endure the strict and punishing rigours of a diet.

You see, we have to give our bodies the right foods, like putting the right kind of gas in your car.  But every body is a little different and every path to health is equally diverse, so there is not one right diet that will be the ultimate solution for all human bodies.  By tuning into your body and listening to it’s signals you will start to understand which foods give you energy and make you feel amazing and which ones have you on the side of the road calling a tow truck.

Honour your inner child without self sabotaging

The 5 success tips above are essentially what make up the “right” fuel for your body. So we have to follow those rules as much as possible. But we all know, nobody likes to follow strict rules all the time. It isn’t sustainable, and we know that rebellious teenager inside will eventually say “screw it all” and binge on chips and ice cream.  Since we are only interested in long-term health and vitality here, we need to embrace that inner teenager and settle into a lifestyle that makes healthy habits intuitive, FUN and rewarding.

We need to shed the diet mentality of forcing ourselves to follow rules, that may or may not make you feel good, then rewarding or penalizing yourself for successes or failures. Instead, we need to move into a state of honouring our body as is, respecting it for everything it has to do in a day, and giving it everything it needs to thrive.

This mindset shift is what I spend 90% of my time as a health coach working on with my clients, because the results are absolutely awe inspiring and transformative 100% of the time. Once “healthy” becomes a powerful way of being, rather than a limiting list of demands, success is inevitable.


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