Digestive Issues? Be A Potty Mouth!

Did you know, more than 20 Million Canadians suffer from Digestive Issues EVERY YEAR? Well, of course you don’t know that… because we’re all too embarrassed to talk about it!

Look, I get it; no one wants to share their tummy troubles and digestive issues with the world (unless you’re trying to get out of a bad date, which, FYI works like a charm…).

But all kidding aside, the discomfort of speaking openly about our stomach related symptoms means that a lot of us aren’t seeking the treatment or dietary adjustments our bodies are BEGGING for. Talk about suffering in silence! It’s a scary fact, but nearly 30,000 Canadians die of diseases of the digestive system every year.

embarrassing symptoms of digestive issuesStill feeling shy?

Delayed diagnosis for serious, life shortening digestive issues like Celiac Disease, Crohn’s Disease and Inflammatory Bowel Disease (which steals a total of 28,000 years from Canadians’ lives) increases an individual’s risk for the development of other chronic medical issues. And we’re not just talking about digestive disorders anymore—the implications of digestive issues can result in a plethora of chronic diseases, like asthma, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and Multiple Sclerosis. Yikes!

I’m not trying to fear monger here, but it’s SO important to understand the sheer magnitude of digestive issues in order to address the key factor to improving our health—and that key factor, as you might have guessed it, is FOOD! We know that a diet can help or hinder your overall health, but what foods are right for YOUR health? What might be a healthy choice for one person can make things worse for someone else. So how do you know what’s right for you? Just listen to the glorious symphony created by the finely tuned instrument that is YOUR BODY.

Ok, that was a bit theatrical, but seriously…

Your gas, bloat, toots, farts, constipation, runny belly, throne explosions, burps, bad breath, yeast infections, puffy weight gain and hemorrhoids are your body’s way of getting your attention. It’s trying to tell you that something you are doing, or not doing, is creating a nasty and volatile environment. So, heed these warning signs and figure out what your body needs from you.

If we don’t start listening to our bodies, sharing our symptoms with a health practitioner and educating ourselves on the right dietary needs for our bodies, then we’ll only make the situation worse. Ignoring your body or putting off for a more convenient time, may lead to chronic illnesses down the road. Dragging your heels on this isn’t just bad for your health, but having to take medical leave from work could cost you a lot of money in lost wages and expensive medications. So taking care of your own digestive health is fiscally responsible too.

Breaking the cycle starts with changing the conversation—hey, why be embarrassed about something that afflicts 57% of Canadians? Sharing really is caring. If you have any of those symptoms list above, or think you might be suffering from a poorly functioning digestive system, book a free consult session with me. We’ll review your current state, discuss your desired state, and figure out the best way for you to achieve the health, body and energy you want.

Alternatively, you can find a Functional Medicine practitioner or Naturopath in your area. They can run a bunch of diagnostic tests and suggest a dietary protocol to help heal your body and not just mask your symptoms. Then, if you need help following their long list of rules, book some time with me and we’ll put a plan in place to set you up for inevitable success.

If you want to dive a little deeper and learn about what Functional Medicine is, and how it can help really heal your system, click here to read my post Functional Medicine 101.


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