The Powerful 5 Steps To Move From Overwhelmed to Empowered!

Have you ever had one of those moments when you feel like you’ve taken on too much? Or you’re “In over your head” or maybe you’ve felt frozen in indecision or fear of failure?

No matter what the situation, that feeling of overwhelm can be crippling and can keep you from ever trying to reach for your dreams.  Instead of putting yourself out there to achieve, you allow your self doubt, your small and scared inner voice, to limit you with excuses and false truths about your capabilities.  At the time it feels safe, but you know in your heart you have missed a potential moment of greatness.

Ugh, so many yucky feelings, all because you felt overwhelmed and scared.

Wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t have to feel overwhelmed every time you are faced with something new, or had an exciting opportunity presented to you? 

Well we’ve got the juicy secret right here folks!!!  

These 5 Steps will help you work through any situation, problem or decision, and allow you to move confidently toward that beautiful vision you hold for yourself.

1. Step Back:

Take 5 deep breaths and try to see your situation from at least 2 different perspectives.  Think about 2 movie or tv characters that are completely different from you but have qualities you admire. These characters should also be different from each other. How would they feel or what action would they take in this situation? Which solution or perspective moves you closer to your goal?  Keep going with this until you discover 2 solutions or perspectives that inspire you.

2. Let Go:

We all have limiting programming that holds us back from moving forward toward our goal, it’s those beliefs that start with something like “I can’t do that because…” or “I’m not ____ enough…” or “My family has always…” You know the beliefs I’m talking about. For this moment, let’s take these beliefs out of the equation. These beliefs are tied the overwhelm and stress that is limiting you.  If you want to stay stuck give these beliefs a vote, if you want to move forward allow new positive “I can…” and “I am…” beliefs to form. At first you may have to borrow from the characters you referenced in step 1. That’s cool, do that.  Now, reconsider the possible perspectives and solutions from step 1 with the new set of beliefs.

3. Say Yes To Yourself:

Now imagine you and both of those characters are standing in front of you asking you to choose which perspective/solution will move you forward toward your goals, toward that vision you have for your life.  Choose the option that moves you forward. Don’t worry, you can drag all your self doubt and worries with you if you want. Just choose to say YES to your truth and MOVE FORWARD.

4. Take Action:

Do one thing to commit to the perspective or solution you have chosen. It can be simple like committing to your choice out loud, or in writing.  It is impossible to fail when you take action in the direction of your true self vision. You might make mistakes, but you will never fail if you are acting in the best interest of your own true self vision.

5. Find Your Tribe:  

We’ve all got friends, and parents and people who give us advice all day long.  Find the people who support you, these are the “Oh I know it sucks so much, awe you poor thing… I’ll make you a cup of tea.” people.  No matter what you do these people think you are awesome.  Oh how we love these people, they are so comforting. But honestly we would never get off the couch or out from under our favourite blanket if we listened to them all day. We also need the people who stretch us. These are the people that see our true vision and hold us accountable to it. These people may rip 2 layers of skin off with the Bandaid sometimes but man do they ever light your fire and get you moving.  So build up your tribe. You need lots of both kinds of people in your tribe so no need to cut people out or hurt anyone’s feelings. If they have your best interests at heart, they’re in!  Just figure out if they are a Supporter or a Stretcher, you wouldn’t want to try to get comfort from a Stretcher.

Interesting side note on the Stretcher/Supporter theory… Someone can be a Supporter to you but a Stretcher to someone else. It’s a very interesting social experiment to observe. 

I have a few favourite online fitness gurus but my absolute fav yogi is Adriene Mishler. Here is a fantastic yoga flow practice to help you “Let It Go”, gain some clarity and honour yourself for exactly where you are today. Enjoy!


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