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How did a 20+ year marketing agency exec end up a health coach and wellness entrepreneur? Honestly the only explanation I have is that it was all part of some grand cosmic plan, because I certainly didn't see it coming. I'm a 40-something working Mom of 4, and a few years ago I ran straight into a very harsh truth... I'm HUMAN!.. Now, I’m super healthy, I don’t obsess about calories or deprive myself of anything, I have loads of energy, and I feel amazing all the time… but it wasn’t always this way.
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ep.i.cured ("epə.kyo͝or.d")

verb (past tense) or adj 1. having employed clean food, drink and lifestyle to relieve the symptoms of a disease or health condition. Example (verb): "She epicured herself from all digestive health symptoms." Example (adj): "An epicured solution is the most effective way to positively impact long-term health goals." (psst... we've completely made this word up so we also made up the definitions... EpiCURATED is also often used to describe information or products we have found, written, or fallen in love with that we think you will like too)


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